30 April 2019

Bozzovich Story

The years spanning the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century were characterized by a period of fervent technical and cultural development fostering a happy and carefree spirit, a golden period defined as the Belle Époque. At the Exposition Universelle in Paris, 1900, and in Turin,1902, architects, industrialists, craftsmen and agriculturists showcased their inventions, machines and architecture to welcome and celebrate the coming of a new century. Many wine producers also participated in the numerous expositions. At that time, wine was deemed the beverage par excellence in social occasions and in daily life, with consumption at much higher levels than can be seen today. The focus on quality wines and the concomitant production crisis that struck French and Northern Italian viticulture resulting from various grape diseases, in particular phylloxera, favoured the consolidation and further development of wine production in Southern Italy, and in particular in the Sannio region, with the birth of important brands such as Ocone Vini.

The First World War tragically interrupted this climate of trust and unity. However,with the restart of active life in the aftermath of the war,and in a desire to exorcise the sad and bloody years of war, a new artistic movement flourished, universally known as Art Nouveaubetter known in Italy as Liberty Style or Floral Style, that in our region, in particular in Naples, is still appreciable in many buildings of exquisite workmanship in residential areas.

In line with the artistic trend of the time followed by many industrialists and entrepreneurs, Giuseppe Ocone, the founder of Ocone Vini, commissioned the artist Sergio Bozzovich to the create a poster to market and publicize his wines. The image utilized, in this innovative form of communication and marketing, a sumptuous, pictorial female figure,  surrounded by a floral motifin soft and flowing lines in true Art Nouveau style, became the dominant element, carrying out a precise aesthetic mission. In memory of our origins and long winemaking tradition,, we propose two wines with a captivating label, a restyling of the original poster by the artist Bozzovich selection, and from which the wines take their name. One white and one red, the Bozzovich wines derive from the typical grape varieties of the Campania region, well integrated in a blend of which one can appreciate the ample and elegant flavors and aromas, an expression of the area of cultivation and vinification from which the grapes originate. Delightful sensations enhancing happy moments shared with others or a corollary for a more meditative tasting.

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