The idea that arises is a dream that begins.
The shared idea is the principle of an emotional reality.


Become a reference for enthusiasts and experts in a non-monodirectional but dynamic and reciprocal relationship.


A young team of professionals guided by a shared passion and goals. A new company that will make innovation and quality the recognizable sign of a change.


An innovative project that opens the doors of a historic winery to the world with the dream of exporting experience and tradition and, at the same time, sharing new ways of making and living wine.


The indissoluble bond between the earth and those who work it. Under the beneficial protection of Mount Taburno and its unparalleled microclimate, the Ocone Winery confirms and renews its historic partnership with local donors. Their ancient wisdom in the cultivation of grapes is the essential prerequisite of a process guided by the experience of tradition and oriented by the knowledge of modern research.

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